Thank you all for your daily prayers on our behalf. We have had a hard couple months but God has always been there when I cried out to Him. He hasn’t let me/us down yet and I KNOW He never will!

Back in the beginning of October I went to work as usual with a kiss and an “I love you” from Paul but when I got home that afternoon I found him on the floor of our living room having seizures which he had been having for the last 3 hours. I tried to get him up but couldn’t so I called my son-in-law Ryan who also couldn’t get him up so we called EMS. It took 4 of them to get him up and out of the house and to the hospital. The doctor in the ER knows us and knows exactly what to do. We were able to go home just after 7:30 that night but Paul was still struggling with walking. He fell again that night and again our son-in-law came to help me get him up and back in bed. About a week later he was doing his monthly chemo pill and was struggling again to walk by himself and was very dizzy. We had an appointment with our Oncologist and when she saw him she told us to stop the chemo treatment and then gave us the month of November off too. So the beginning of December we started the chemo treatment again only to have him unsteady on his feet again. He couldn’t make it to the bathroom by himself or walk in our house without assistance. I called the Oncologist again and she again stopped the chemo treatment and decided to have him go in for an IV chemo treatment. Different medicine…different side effects. So, Thursday, December 10th was his first IV treatment and it went really well. He did so good and there was no nausea or tiredness or dizziness. The only concern they have is bleeding. He may have a nose bleed or when he gets cut it may bleed more. Praise God everything went so good!!!

On December 4th we had another MRI. We got the results back and they found a new spot in the brain. We saw our Neurologist today and this is what he had to say. The new spots placement is…if you made a line from your eyebrow to the top of your ear and then went up two finger widths, then went in five finger widths, that is where the spot is. It cannot be removed surgically but the best course of action is this new chemo treatment. Again…Praise God…He had that already worked out with the old chemo treatment not working and getting this new one in place before we knew there was any added cancer. Of course He knew!!

This has been a terrifying time for me and I have tried to keep the worrying to a minimum…continually going back to God getting relief. After I found Paul on the floor in the living room and realized how long he had been down I decided he just couldn’t stay home by himself any more. Our daughter Jessica volunteered to keep him while I’m at work each day. It is such a blessing to be able to go to work (which I enjoy) and not worry about how he is doing.

Please continue to pray that the seizures will be kept under control. He has been having them about every 2 months. Pray that the medication will keep the seizures away. The only side effect with the new spot is confusion. He won’t have more seizures with it, just confusion. Also pray the new chemo IV treatment will work and fight any new cancer spots from showing up. Please pray also for more energy. I get up with him each time in the night that he needs to use the bathroom. It’s usually every 2 hours. It’s getting exhausting! I have actually gotten up and started getting him off the bed just to have him ask me what I was doing. Apparently I dreamt that he needed to go so I was up and moving to get him to the bathroom. That has happened a number of times now which isn’t helping me to get much sleep.

I’m sure there is more to share but I am at a stopping place with my brain. Thank you again for all your prayers. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Paul and Patty Hurst