From Patty, posted by Danielle:

Good morning to you all! Just wanted to update you all very quickly on Paul.  Yesterday while at my daughters house he struggled to get his right leg moving.  It took both my daughter and son-in-law to get him up to go to the bathroom and he still fell.  Then when I got there after work while trying to get him to the car he fell with me too.  He has a high tolerance of pain but I just know he was hurting after that fall.  I was going to take him home but was worried he was having Focal Seizures because he also wasn’t talking too much which is another sign for me that he is having seizures.

The ER doctor decided to admit him because I wouldn’t be able to get him in the house by myself and take care of him all night.  He also did another MRI which concluded that everything looks just like the last MRI.  There is still the spot in the same place.  Nothing has changed.  They are now talking about possibly sending him to a nursing home for rehab which I just don’t think I can allow.  Please pray his leg get strength back and that he can come home. That is where he wants to be and where I want him.  They are having PT come in today to assess him. Thank you all for your prayers on his/our behalf.  God is totally in control and I know that but it doesn’t take the scariness out of all of this.