Whenever the Bible says “But God” we can get excited that He is going to do something marvelous! We have been living a “But God” couple of weeks.

Mom and Dad would like everyone that sent a card at Christmas time to know they are so thankful for the letters. They were a great encouragement to both of them during the holidays.

We wanted to give you an update on how things are progressing with Dad.

Since the beginning of the year, insurance has denied anymore chemo. He had an MRI a few weeks ago that showed multiple lesions on his brain, with one growing. Mom said that she could tell something was happening because he’s getting more confused.

With the new information and insurance denying chemo, we had made the decision to stop all treatment, including the optune cap, and have hospice come in. Mom was supposed to talk to Hospice last Friday.

But God had other plans!!

The lady that sold the insurance to my parents heard about them being denied chemo. She went to the insurance company and fought for them, and she won! Instead of hospice coming in last Friday, they went and had a chemo treatment! The doctors have approved chemo for every other week until the beginning of April. He will be reevaluated then.

We are praising God for this miracle!

This being said, we don’t know how the weeks and months to come will play out even with chemo. Mom is no longer working. She and Dad would love to have anyone come to visit. If you want to come, please contact her soon. We don’t know how much longer we will have Dad with us. Though we’re so thankful for this blessing, we still know that God could take him at any moment. Go see them. Send them a note. Reach out.